Time we all woke up to the dishonest push going on about Thorium Nuclear Reactors

Anyone in the nuclear industry would know that these reactors do not exist, cost $billions, there’s no market for them.

Why then does the nuclear industry tolerate all the propaganda for thorium reactors?

One can only speculate – but I guess that as these are no threat really to the existing nuclear industry, with its uranium fuelled reactors, Big Nuclear doesn’t really mind that the pretense of “clean” “safe” new designs might persuade the public that the nuclear industry is now OK.

Promising safety, promising that these new reactors will get rid of the wastes problem (not really true), the Thorium dream gives perhaps a new air of respectability to the nuclear industry, and so helps Big Nuclear to postpone its inevitable demise.



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  1. Dear Sir

    Please accept my sympathy for the criticism that you have unfairly received from third parties. I was initially very interested in Thorium LFTR, and swept away by the superficial arguments and charisma of Dr Kirk Sorensen. However, having spent several years studying the Thorium LFTR design issue in detail, including studying the original ORNL reports from the 1960’s, I come to the same conclusion as yourself, namely this Thorium LFTR technology has many technical challenges and also failure and hazard modes that can be very serious. Thorium LFTR is not the “silver bullet” as many people suggest. The possibility of producing dirty bombs from Thorium LFTR by-products is a very real threat.

    The high gamma flux, and high neutron flux causing transmutation of T232 to U233 in operation is especially hazardous, and materials employed are likely to suffer severe from neutron enbrittlement. Trying to address the embrittlement issue simultaneously with the corrosion issue is very difficult.

    Kind regards

    Dr Timothy Norris


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