The thorium nuclear companies

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Flibe Energy  – a private company, so we don’t know who finds it.   USA – Kirk Sorensen is a founder of Flibe Energy and  President and Chief Technical Officer. South East Asia – Benjamin Soon, Executive Director and Chief Business Development Officer for Flibe Energy in Southeast Asia.   Australia –  Gerry Grove-White – Non Executive director, expert in mechanical engineering and finance.

Robert Hargraves is a prominent advisor to the company, and a principal propagandist.

General Atomics. Nuclear armaments company, but now also pushing thorium reactors with that magic promise of “turning nuclear wastes into an energy resource”. Has patented a “small modular nuclear reactor” and applied to USA Department of Energy (DOE) for funding.

iThEC  (Sweden) an organisation bringing together – funding source not clear

  • Scientific and technical knowledge from the world’s leading research institutes
  • Political decision makers
  • Industrial partnerships

Steenkampskraal  Thorium Limited (STL)  South Africa)  owns:
–  The rights to the thorium at the Steenkampskraal monazite mine in South Africa,
–  A significant share in THOR Energy in Norway, where an irradiation program is underway to characterize and qualify thorium-based fuel  for deployment in Light Water Reactors (LWRs),
–  A completed concept design of the HTMR100,a 35 MWe (100 MWth) high temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR).

Thor Energy (Norway) Plans to make reactors using thorium MOX fuel. The company is managed from Oslo, Norway, and is currently owned by Thor Corporation (77.1%), Steenkampskraal Thorium Ltd. (14.1%). Thorium Foundation (5.3 %) and Statoil Ventures AS (3.5%). Thor Corporation is a subsidiary company of Scatec and holds another company related to thorium, Fen Mining. Scatec is a group of renewable energy enterprises with major solar and wind energy interests – including mono-crystalline wafer production, solar PV plant system integration, and offshore wind technology.

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