Who are the pro thorium nuclear energy promoters?

This is a page “in progress”, as I start from the title question, and seek the originators of the thorium propaganda, and the motives of the various groups and individuals who promote thorium propaganda.

This is not necessarily in chronological, or indeed in any special order (at the moment).

Still – it all seems to start with the Alvin Weinberg, former  Director of Research at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory,  (ORNL) and a great enthusiast for Molten Salt Reactors  ( thorium fuel cycle breeder reactor nuclear power plants).

The Propagandists  Pro thorium propaganda is prolific, on the Internet, on Youtube, on Social Media.  Although not much is actually happening in thorium reactor development, there’s an awful lot of media about it.  The propaganda comes from surprisingly few sources.


The Alvin Weinberg Foundation should not be confused with the genuinely charitable Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation.

Pro Thorium lobby Alvin Weinberg Foundation in UK has managed to make itself out as a charity!  “the world’s only charity dedicated to advocating for next generation nuclear energy Baroness Bryony Worthington Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change in the Lords  joined The Alvin Weinberg Foundation in mid 2011 and established the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Thorium Energy in February 2012.  John Durham; physicist, technologist and CEO of the Foundation. Parliamentary Officer, Neil Endicott is the primary contact and coordinator of the UK Parliament’s Thorium Energy All Party Group (APPG).  He has worked in UK and EU energy policy for the last six years.


Thorium propagandists (not in any special order here)

Pro-nuke propaganda website: Nuclear Matters: – personnel are:

  • Evan Bayh Former United States Senator and former Governor of Indiana,
  • Judd Gregg Former United States Senator and former Governor of New Hampshire
  • Spencer Abraham – Former United States Secretary of Energy and former United States Senator
  • Vicky Bailey – Former Commissioner of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and former Assistant Secretary for Policy and International Affairs of the United States Department of Energy
  • Carol M. Browner – Former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator and former Director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy
  • Bill Daley – Former United States Secretary of Commerce and former White House Chief of Staff
  • Edwin D. Hill – President of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
  • Blanche Lincoln – Former United States Senator
  • Sean McGarvey – President of the North America’s Building Trades Unions
  • David Wright – Former President of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) and Chairman of the South Carolina Public Service Commission (PSC)

Robert Hargraves, connected with Flibe Energy

Gordon McDowell is  a very skilful video maker, who specialises in thorium nuclear propaganda. http://thoriumremix.com/th/ He may or may not be paid by industry to do this. I suspect that he is paid.

The Breakthrough Institute looks like a genuine environmental lobby, but in fact advocates little action on greenhouse gases, and acts as a subtle pusher for fossil fuels and nuclear energy

Transatomic Power company – molten salt reactors  Staff: Dr. Leslie Dewan, nuclear engineer, Mark Massie, nuclear engineer,  Ray Rothrock , investment expert, Wendolyn Holland, energy expert,  Russ Wilcox, nuclear engineer. Advisors – Dr. Todd Allen nuclear engineer, Dr. Michael Corradini, president of the American Nuclear society, Dr. Benoit Forget, nuclear engineer, Dr. Jess Gehin, nuclear engineer, Dr. Richard Lester, nuclear scientist, Dr. Regis Matzie, physicist

The Twitterati  –  
motives uncertain.   There is  a constant stream of pro thorium propaganda  24 hours a day, under the hashtag #thorium, from  a relatively few tweeters.   I’m not clear on where these tweets originate. Some look like the work of “bots” – automatically released, usually  in response to anything anti-nuclear that might appear on that hashtag.

Many tweets are aimed at discrediting the science on ionising radiation, and promoting quack science anbout radiation being “good for you“, and “bananas being a more dangerous sources of radiation” than nuclear fission is.These tweets consist of endlessly repeated advertisements for thorium nuclear reactors, most often in the form of youtube links to advertising from  a thorium company, or to the nuclear advertising film “Pandora’s Promise”.

Probably, analysis over time will shed light on the sources and motivations of these tweeters.


Dr. Baldev Raj,  former director of the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR) and now the chairman of National Institute of Technology, is a member of the International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAC) for ThEC13.

Government of India 


IThEO International Thorium Energy Organisation. They say they are non profit. Very cagey about membership and sponsors.


Thor Energy Staff    Founder Dr. Alf Bjørseth,   CEO  Øystein Asphjell CEO  . Chief Technology Officer Julian Kelly, PhD, VP Research & Development Klara Insulander Björk, VP Research & Development Saleem Drera, PhD, VP Business Development Lise Chatwin Olsen, General Counsel Linda Helland, CFO Martin Loftesnes, VP Communications
Sven Røst

Board of Directors. Dr. Alf Bjørseth, Chairman, Chairman of Scatec
Linda Helland, General Counsel of Scatec
Bård Bergfald, Principal Bergfald miljørådgivere
Christian Ringnes, CEO of Eiendomsspar
Trevor Blench, Chairman of Steenkampskraal Thorium Ltd.

Pro thorium tweeters, (in no particular order)

Prolific tweeters 
Thomas Huxley @thjr19 – Australian, specialises in abuse of anti nuclear writers. Has a fetish for regularly insulting Dr Helen Caldicott
brendan @totterdell91 – Australian. Confused about radiation. High regard for medical radiation, but his tweets show no understanding of it.
EcoWife @Eco_Wife  –  possibly only  a bot         

marcelina @Thorium_232      Sparkling Dude @themoneyweek possibly Canadian. Into technology in  a big way      Gus Rawles @gusrawles – big on technology. 


Anti-thorium tweets.  these are nearly always from me, tweeting mainly as @ChristinaMac1, but also in specifically anti-thorium tweets, as NO Thorium @no_thorium.  Very occasionally, – not me – Observation Island @observationisle

I’m disappointed that the anti-nuclear movement is largely ignoring the thorium push – knowing that it hasn’t really got any traction at present.

2 thoughts on “Who are the pro thorium nuclear energy promoters?

  1. ✔ Paris – The first active demo against thorium in a big city: http://www.nonukes.it/rna/news292.html
    ✔ Thorium Military Proliferation in Italy, the map: http://www.nonukes.it/rnanews/rnanews023.html
    ✔ nonukes1987, the anti-thorium channel on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/nonukes1987/videos
    ✔ Thorium Radioactive Weapons and environmental devastation: http://www.nonukes.it/rna/news325.html
    ✔ Thorium Church: a trojan horse in the “green” movements. Here the Removal Tool: http://www.nonukes.it/rna/news326.html


  2. In Australia ,specifically South Australia, we have a state gov ‘Royal Commission’ into all things nuclear in relation to our state. This is overseen by a former governor ( a largely honorary position…they get a mansion, a stipend,present awards and preside over many charities as a representative of the Queen . It is a non political position give to high achieving and generally apolitical men and women).
    He appears to have a vested interest in pushing nuclear power. This RC has travelled overseas to many places ‘investigating’ nuclear power. In fact it appears to be a tax payer funded nuclear trade delegation. It refuses to report on these trips , it refuses media scrutiny in its hearings ( the small amount published its always pro nuke) , many’witnesses’ have implicit credibility and have gained access to talk shows headlines etc. some anti nuke documents lodged have disappeared from their public list of submissions? There has been heavy pressure applied to indigenous population in respect of a proposed international nuclear waste dump and land bought and traded with them for this purpose. The RC is actually hearing, ‘(funding ?) feasibility studies into logistics for this. We have quite a few academics who have been funded by the nuclear industry for many years, have risen into high positions ( by sheer dent of longevity) who are making submissions re putting in a de sal and thorium plant..massive investment…massive employment etc etc. also we have had ‘ a little bit a radiation is good for you ( this academic has just had a knock back of her proposal to treat men with high prostate readings with radiation and then track them over time..). Another group have been pushing ‘clean green energy’ and formed a company that chatted with local councils ( they manage Garbage, libraries etc) about ‘nuclear in your backyard’
    It’s all very concerning.


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