Intimidatory methods of the thorium/nuclear lobby

I don’t want to waste too much time on this topic. In my own case, the intimidatory methods used against me boil down to a bunch of rather silly tweets from two or three individuals, (though re-tweeted by others).  I strongly suspect that these individuals are not in fact paid to do this, (what sensible organisation would pay for such silly stuff?)

However, my small case of intimidatory tweeting is indeed symptomatic of the nuclear lobby’s tactics designed to shut up critics.

I reported the offensive tweeters several times, with the result that the worst one had to change his twitter name twice, and had to moderate his attacks.  He still continues, and also plagiarises my graphics.  That could be a legal case – but, as he probably surmises, I’m not in  a position at the moment to pay lawyers, to stop him.

The same Twitter Trolls also consistently abuse Dr Helen Caldicott, who, I am sure, is far too busy to take notice of them.

For a start – here are some samples of their “work” . This – the latest one,  shows also the ignorance of this troll. In our bodies, we always have traces of  radioactive Potassium 40 . Potassium 40  (K40) exists in bananas, too.  When we eat bananas, our bodies adjust the level of K40, excreting the surplus – so our trace levels always remain the same – no matter how many bananas we eat.

Nuclear fission produces new, unknown in nature, radioactive isotopes such as Caesium 134 (C-134) and C-137. When these enter the body, by breathing them in or ingesting them as particles, they accumulate in the body,and remain there – irradiating nearby cells and inducing changes such as cancer.  So – you can see that radiation from nuclear fission sources is dangerous, and is not like the harmless radiation from bananas


Earlier samples this year.


Presumably. my “gloating” is to point out that there are victims of nuclear radiation, who deserve care and compensation.






Apparently, my “fantasy ” is that ionising radiation is harmful to health.

tweet-nastyTweet above – 5 Jan 2015

Twitter trolling of Dr Helen Caldicott

The same troll repeatedly attacks Dr Helen Caldicott (though he has eased up slightly since being reported and exposed on Twitter)

He repeatedly shows offensive pictures of Dr Caldicott – often 20 or more in the same day!

Below I show  examples.Pretty juvenile stuff? I agree, but still – intimidatory tactics


Helen Caldicott is a Fraudulent Fear-mongering #nuclear Fiction writer She is accountable for an enormous amount of harm. #uranium #thorium

Thomas Huxley retweeted brendan @totterdell91

Caldicott’s outright nonsense is truly malevolent fear mongering, truly warped #climate #Auspol #nuclear #Thorium

 Physics not the Fantasies of #Nuclear Fiction Writers like Helen Caldicott #uranium #thorium

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